Learn and evolve

Learn and evolve - strategy update

8 weeks have passed since the start of the FiveTwenty experiment. We have established positions in 8 dividend paying companies. We have spend numerous hours pouring over The Dividend Champions List. Furthermore, we have scrutinized financial data on numerous companies. All that has lead us to conclude that it is time for a strategy update.

The changes outlined below go into effect starting with the week of 02/28/2021 to 03/06/2021.

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And so it begins


FiveTwenty chronicles the journey to build a dividend income portfolio. The portfolio is built by periodic investment of new capital and paid out dividends over a period of 5 years. The 5 year period starts Jan 1, 2021 and ends Dec 31, 2025.

The strategy we follow to build and measure the performance of the portfolio is outlined in the remainder of this post. You can always find an up to date version on the Strategy page. Furthermore we will announce any updates to the strategy in a standalone post.

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